Jennifer B.
Matron of Honor

Steph and I have many memories together. We didn’t know it then, but we were best friends growing up. One of the memories that sticks out the most is of us as kids walking all the way to the Aspen Place Projects so she could play softball. My mom worked, so I was her only spectator. She loved softball and I was always so proud of her. I always teased Steph, for a multitude of things. I was kind of a mean big sister. I excluded her and always resented when my mom made her tag along. She payed me back, though! In college she didn’t want to hang out with me and I used to call home upset and crying because now Steph was being the mean one! I deserved it. As adults, she is my best friend. The second person I call to share exciting or sad news. Steph has a way of being there for the people she loves. She makes me feel brave and like I could literally excel at anything. She is loyal and is fiercely protective of her people. She deserves all of the happiness this world has to offer. I can’t wait to stand beside her on this very important day.

Kathryn B.
Matron of Honor

It’s so hard to pick just one memory of Stephanie, since every time she’s around she lights up the room. To know Stephanie, is to love her. She will be there for you, she will help you in any way she can (as long as you fit in her schedule). Some of my favorite memories are every time we went apple/pumpkin picking with the kids, each Sister Date we’ve had over the years & talking for hours about life, each amazingly planned birthday party she’s had…she always looked so fly & we all had a great time; especially winery hopping and the dinners at yummy restaurants. All these memories make me smile and think about the phenomenal woman she has become. I’m just happy I was blessed enough to be a part of all of them.

Laura C.
Maid of Honor

Stephanie and I met on February 2007 at Montclair State University during a CUS event. I even learned her whole government name that night ;-) ...s/o to LUCIA! Brandon and I met at Steph's 30th birthday celebration in October 2016. These two love to party that I met them both during gatherings and celebrations!

One of my favorited shared memories with Steph and Brandon was attending the Roots Picnic in June 2019 held in Philly. We had a fabulous time from early morning drinking in coffee to go cups to Steph falling ill because it was so hot (mind you it was June 1st), lastly we ended up running out of the concert during 21 Savage performance as a stampede broke out because people thought it was a shooting (it was a regular fight, but you know RUMORS). #GoodTimesinPhilly

Ashley N.

I may not have specific memory, but definitely a favorite moment with Steph. Even though we’ve obviously been sisters since birth, Stephanie and I didn’t grow up together. It was a rough start to our relationship because we were very different. However, somehow I still followed in my big sisters' footsteps and ended up at TCNJ, where I also pledged the same sorority as her. It was in that time when Steph fell into her role as my older sister - in more ways than she may have realized. I remember joining this organization in hopes of creating new bonds, but the biggest, most important surprise was the newfound bond with my biological sister - one where I felt protected and guided and loved. That memory and feeling will forever hold a special place in my heart because, for me, it was the start of our beautiful journey as sisters - the start that lead to our relationship today.

Asia M.

I remember meeting Stephanie like it was yesterday! 2002, I transferred to Passaic High School our junior year.. who does that?! Thanks to our last names, we were able to sit next to each other. By the time we got to Mrs. Conners’ Algebra 2 class... she turns to me and states “Aren’t we in the same classes?!” From that moment, we continued life side by side: homeroom, high school, college, etc. I thank God for giving her an amazing personality and breaking the ice! I went from not knowing anyone... to meeting my best friend! 

Now Brandon, I can’t pin point where or when but I know it was thanks to TCNJ’s Greek Life... We even worked at Express together!

Too many favorites and we’ve experienced this thing called life together! From pushing me down the hallway every morning after homeroom to our stay at Demarest Hall at Rutgers to moving into TCNJ to ER visits to late night calls and text, to my wedding, etc... They are all favorite memories because they made our relationship so special and unique. But one random night always comes to mind and warms my heart... Stephanie picked me up in her Jeep. We drove to Hoboken... to Pier 113. We just chilled and talked; nothing crazy was happening... no support system was just us... at our core... being the true friends we are!

Fast forward to Brandon, as some of you recall, I dropped everything I was doing and picked Brandon up in a time of need. My loyalty to Stephanie channeled to Brandon. No questions asked. No grunts. Just action! Something I will always do when it comes to Stephanie and now Brandon. Act now.. Ask later (if truly needed). Looking forward to creating new memories!

Kimberly N.
Steph and I met in the 7th grade.

Steph & I have so many fond memories; from sleepovers, game nights, softball games and high school senior week projects. For some reason, there is one particular memory that always comes back to me & it blows my mind to know that at such a young age Steph knew what was important in life & made it a priority to share a very sentimental life changing experience with me. She was so young at the time, yet had such virtuous core values & somehow knew the value of that moment for me, more than I did. 

One of my fondest memory of Steph is having her present & by my side, as my only friend at my grandmother’s funeral, with unwavering support, love and loyalty that has always been a true testament of Steph’s character and has stood the test of time to become fundamental to our life long friendship together. 
Sarai G.
Stephanie and I met back in Spring 2004 as O.W.L.S. in CUS, our sorority’s interest group. Since then, we became really great friends. We have shared so many memories from partying hard, breaking my shoes in Miami, heartbreaks, graduations, family losses, and so much more. One thing I can say is that I am beyond grateful for our constant friendship and sister. Stephanie has played a major part in my life and I can’t wait to stand by her side to celebrate her union with Brandon in Punta Cana.
Sheila C.

I met Stephanie and Brandon in college. In the Fall of 2005 Stephanie and I joined our sorority together and have been able to share so many memories together ever since.

My favorite memories with Stephanie have been of those with her by my side, Beginning with the day we crossed. She was there when I went into labor with my son, when I baptized my son (Stephanie is his godmother) and when I got to walk down the aisle.

Luzzairy R.

Stephanie and I met in my freshman year at TCNJ. I remember attending my first meeting at Union Latina, where I hoped to find a sense of community away from home, and there she was, this beautiful brown girl, speaking her mind; she carried herself so well, and I knew at that moment we had to be friends! Fast forward to Fall 2007, we became sorority sisters! And Brandon, I would always see him and his big smile at all the fun Greek events, especially at the parties in the student center.

There are so many great memories between Steph and I but I always remember this one time when we met up in Hoboken, I shared some difficult news and as a true empath, she shed many tears on my behalf, and that was an unforgettable moment in our friendship. I cannot forget to mention our insane car concerts while listening to Adele 21 and Beyonce 4, those albums carried us through a few summers!

Needless to say, I am profoundly happy she found her forever love, and I am excited to celebrate Brandon and Steph’s union.

Brian J.
Best Man

As long as I can remember Brandon has been a part of my life, but it started in our early elementary school days. Brandon lived across the street from Bookbinder Elementary School. I used to be in the school line waiting to go in and would see Brandon cutting his grass in the morning while his mom would get on him. At that moment I realized we had the same kind of momma lol. I remember we started calling each other cousins, not knowing that we actually had real family connections. Our mothers were friends, had mutual family members, and even shared the same God sister. Brandon is truly my Day 1, he's always been a part of my life.

Favorite memory goes back to our summer escapades as young teens with Hawaiian shirts and cowboy hats - on bikes, Brandon, Carl, and me. The mall and movies were our hang outs and we frequently ended the night riding our bikes (or walking) through the McDonald’s drive thru while dodging paintball gun drive-bys from Danny’s enemies (Brandon’s brother).

Ray F.
Best Man
We meet in high school.

Favorite memory: Being at his academy graduation and feeling proud to watch him graduate.
Dan S. Jr.
Obviously I’ve known this guy since my mother brought him home from the hospital. One of the earliest memories that I can remember, is of us having WWF wrestlers. We used to paint them with our mother’s nail polish so that we could make up other characters. Money for a kid those days was tight and we were creative. He was a Hulk Hogan fan and I was an Ultimate Warrior fan.

He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember.
Emmanuel S.
I've known Brandon as long as I can remember, I'm fortunate enough to call him my big brother. This man has been truly a blessing to our family and I'm forever grateful for the man God called him to be. One of my most favorite/memorable moments with Brandon dates back to when I was a kid. Brandon used to have these Dragon Ball Z toys which were 'collectibles' as he used to call them. Believe it or not he would let me play with them on demand. One particular time for whatever reason I decided to chew on their body armor and I chewed off the connector part. Of course Brandon noticed and asked me about those particular pieces. What did I do? Exactly! What any kid would do in that situation? Needless to say I haven't seen those toys since! There are too many stories that sticks out but this one pretty much tops the cake. 

Mark C. Jr.
Brandon & I are first cousins. Since I was a little kid I always wanted a Christmas like my cousins, they got everything!!! I mean everything, they had it going on for sure. I have so many memories, so nothing really significant stands out to me. We got along for the most part, but one quick funny story. We were all in the kitchen and Dan and Bran got into it, they were going at each other like they going for broke. I must say even though Brandon was smaller than Danny then he was holding his own. The only mistake Brandon made was that he swung with bad intentions, but connected to the popcorn wall instead. And that was all she wrote, end of story.
Matthew H.
I first met Brandon sophomore year of high school, while playing football because of our mutual best friends; Brian and Carl. Our friendship turned into a brotherhood during our early years of college.

A funny memory of Brandon is him always looking like he came straight out of heaven with his all white outfits. The team would crack jokes about that all the time; it did not help when he decided to buy an all white Dodge Challenger.
Harlan J.
We met in high school during football camp before school started.

Favorite Memory: Our fellas trip to Ocean City, MD when “somebody” passed along the free shot.
Carl S.
I met Brandon in middle school: 7th grade in homeroom.

A memory of me and Brandon was the night that we had to sleep outside in the van because we snuck out of the house with Dan (his older brother). Mom caught us and did not let us back in the house.
Clayton B.
Ring Bearer
Favorite Memory:

“I love to eat donuts and drink coffee (Starbucks Chai Latte!) with Tita.”
Mateo S.
Ring Bearer
My favorite memory with my uncle Brandon was when we went to MOD Pizza and saw Fast and Furious 9, that day was so much fun. He didn’t think that I could eat a whole pizza by myself so he bought me a MINI one haha. He was shocked when I asked for more and had to order a whole new pie, we shared that one and ate it all except for one slice!
Sydney B.
Flower Girl
"I like to cuddle with her because I love her so much and she's my Tia."